Spokane, WA

Group 4 worked with the Spokane Public Library on a long-range master plan for facility improvements. The master plan found that SPL’s six library facilities were generally well maintained, but had been designed in the 20th century to support a model of library service that no longer met the community’s needs. In 2018, Spokane voters approved more than $77 million in funding for revitalized library facilities. SPL commissioned Group 4 as lead library designer for five projects, in collaboration with local AOR Integrus Architecture.

The master plan recommended expansion of the Shadle Library to better serve growing communities in north Spokane. Nestled in a city park, the 18,000 square foot building lacked street presence as well as sufficient space for people and programs. The expansion design establishes a stronger presence along the main thoroughfare, reaching out toward the street with a dynamic new children’s library. A soaring new atrium establishes a focal point the original building never had, brings copious natural light into the main space, and creates a more prominent entry. The new library includes space for larger and more family-focused programs, from cooking classes to immersive storytimes. Customers have an increased choice of places to sit, read, work, and collaborate – including small group study rooms.


  • Client: Spokane Public Library
  • Status: Completed

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