Library Leadership – Group 4 Presentations at NEXT + CLA


Group 4’s frequent flyer miles are collecting fast and not slowing down anytime soon. Group 4 Principal David Schnee recently presented at the NEXT Library Festival in Aarhus, Denmark on creating dynamic children’s playspaces in libraries that reflect their community’s values and culture. David will be presenting a similar session to local California library leaders and professionals during the 2023 California Library Association Conference in Sacramento.

In addition to travelling across our home-state (or the globe!) Group 4 also recently participated in Earth Day programming for Chabot College, where we are currently designing a new Library + Learning Connection.

See below for details on Group 4’s CLA session and highlights from NEXT and our Chabot College Earth Day presentation.

Highlights: NEXT Library

Principal David Schnee returned to the NEXT Library Festival at Aarhus’ Dokk 1 to co-present an interactive session with our collaborators from Spokane Public Library. Our “Create a Playful Window into the World” session shared the story behind the dynamic new playspaces designed by Group 4 + Luci Creative for all of SPL’s new and reimagined facilities citywide.

Session participants then gathered in small groups for play-based activities about how to foster play in their own libraries. (Who doesn’t love playing with Legos?!)

Thanks to everyone who participated….  We are already looking forward to the next NEXT!

Upcoming: CLA Conference 2023 – Sacramento

For our library clients and collaborators who couldn’t make it to Denmark for the NEXT Library conference, we are bringing our session about library playspaces to the annual California Library Association conference in Sacramento. Join David Schnee at 3 pm on Saturday June 3 in Room A3 for “Create a Playful Window into the World” where we will share the story of dynamic themed children’s playspaces in new and renovated libraries in Santa Ana, CA and Spokane, WA.

For the party crowd, we are also excited about our night track event titled “Library Dreams, Nightmares, and Wild Tales” – an interactive and fun session celebrating the wild and often hilarious stories that library professionals’ psyches conjure after a long day doing library work. Join Jill Eyres and co-conspirators from the Alameda County Library, San Diego Public Library, and CALIFA at 8 pm on Friday June 2 in Room A4 – and bring your own dreams, nightmares, and wild stories to share.


Highlights: Chabot College Earth Day

Group 4 Job Captain Sebastian Lopez joined HMC Architects Principal Marko Blagojevic in a presentation to the Chabot College community for Earth Day 2023. Group 4 + HMC are currently working on the new Chabot College Library & Learning Connection, a 100,000 SF landmark space for innovative student and faculty-responsive services and spaces, and that will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the campus. The design reflects the student body values of inclusion, diversity, and equity, and aims for LEED Gold certification. Sebastian and Marko discussed the planning and design process, and key sustainable design strategies including landscaping, irrigation and water controls, lighting design, and material selection.

Learn more about the Chabot College Library & Learning Connection here.