Celebrating Promotions & Becoming Majority Women-Owned


Congrats new associate principal + senior associates! Group 4 is now majority women-owned. 

Group 4 is pleased to announce the promotion of Jill Eyres to Associate Principal and of Carolyn Carlberg, Teresa Rom, and Daniel LaRossa to Senior Associate in recognition of their leadership, talent, and commitment to excellence. Jill, Carolyn, and Teresa’s advancement to senior leadership also marks Group 4’s transition to a majority woman-owned firm for the first time in its nearly 50-year history.  

Jill Eyres 

Jill’s highly analytical, creative, and collaborative approach benefits all her projects. She continually innovates to find the best ways to serve the unique needs of each client and community on projects such as Multnomah County Library’s Framework for Future Library Spaces and the San Jose Environmental Innovation Center. She co-founded and is the senior member of our Group 4 Justice committee (aka G4J), which seeks to promote justice and equity both within the firm and across our projects. She also co-created Group 4’s mentoring program to proactively help staff achieve their development goals. 

Carolyn Carlberg 

Carolyn is a talented architectural and interior designer for civic and community projects such as the Millbrae Recreation Center and multiple library branches in Dayton, Ohio. Carolyn says, “I love collaborating on projects that bring life and richness to communities. I am lucky to be part of a passionate team that inspires me every day to be thoughtful, creative, generous, and bold, and to simply have fun doing what we love.” In addition to her exceptional work with clients and communities, Carolyn is a leader of Group 4’s graphic design and communications committees as well as the firm’s mentoring program. 

Daniel LaRossa 

Senior Designer Daniel embraces an egalitarian, collaborative, and inclusive approach to design. His vision has resulted in stunning projects that reflect and celebrate their communities such as the award-winning San Lorenzo and Dayton Main libraries. Daniel says, “I firmly believe in the mission of the work that we do and the responsibility of designing public spaces that are truly democratic and accessible to all.” Daniel leads Group 4’s design practice committee and is an enthusiastic mentor for young Group 4 designers.  

Teresa Rom 

Teresa is an experienced senior architect whose project management and technical skills have benefited some of Group 4’s most sustainably-designed projects, such as the net zero Burlingame Community Center and the LEED-NC Platinum Mitchell Park Library and Community Center. Teresa says, “It is so fulfilling to work with communities to fulfill their needs, wants and vision; to express the uniqueness of each community and provide the services that communities need in sustainable, operationally efficient ways.” Within the firm, Teresa is a leader of Group 4’s Green Team, mentoring, and BIM committees.