Cultural Arts Take Center Stage


Former police facility will be repurposed as a cultural arts center in Dublin, CA

Local artists and residents have long advocated for improved support and access to cultural arts and performances in Dublin, CA. Community surveys, meetings, and assessments all revealed this yearning for a public arts venue in the city. Group 4 was commissioned to bring the dream of a dedicated Cultural Arts Center to life.

Excitement is building as construction documents are developing. Soon, residents will be able to access a single hub for a cornucopia of cultural arts. To celebrate the diverse interests of Dublin’s multicultural community, the 13,000-square-foot center will include a black box theater, dance and music studios, arts and crafts rooms, a gallery, a ceramics yard, and a catering kitchen. These spaces will host multigenerational classes, art events and performances, and gallery exhibits, as well as weddings and other private parties.

The former Police Services Wing of Dublin’s Civic Center will undergo a radical transformation to take on this new role. The existing building’s adjacency to other public amenities is an incredible asset; visitors will be able to easily pop into multiple public institutions, intermingling their visits to the Cultural Arts Center, City Hall, the Library, and other places clustered by the Civic Plaza. The new center will further promote a true civic forum that welcomes the general public, making the civic process more accessible and tangible.

In May 2020, the Dublin City Council unanimously approved the design and direction of this arts hub in the heart of the community. Construction will begin in spring, and the new Cultural Arts Center will open to the public in summer 2023.

Black box theater
Art room
Curving corridor
Floor plan