BLVD Rec Center: VIP Celebration


Dublin mayor and others admire new BLVD Recreation Center

The BLVD Recreation Center VIP Opening in Dublin, CA, was an unequivocal success. Amid hors d’oeuvres and balloons, visitors wandered the three generously sized pavilions surrounding the interior courtyard and pool. Sliding glass doors around the perimeter of the courtyard allowed a gentle breeze to waft in, inviting visitors to explore the outdoor decks. Inside, many tried the pristine new fitness equipment, including the Freedom Climber – a rotating climbing wall system.

If you want to learn more about this new community hub, read our previous article, and check back for more photos of the finished interiors (we were too busy having fun to get good shots).

We had a good time at the opening party!

Congratulations again to Brookfield Residential; the design team; LennarC2 CollaborativeMannigan Design, Inc.MacKay & Somps Civil Engineers, Inc.IMEG Corp.TTG EngineersAquatic Design Group; and SFMI Inc.!