Summer Picnic!


Tug of war, water balloons, runaway volleyballs, and popsicles galore

Each summer we find a sunny Saturday to dedicate to food, games, and camaraderie. Group 4’s 2019 summer picnic  – held this year at San Bruno’s City Park – brought family and friends together for an easy, if somewhat competitive, afternoon.

Our first annual Team Rec Center versus Team Library Tug of War match found Team Rec the victors, but everybody went home happy after homemade Mexican vanilla ice cream. Rumor has it Team Library wants a rematch at the holiday party.

City Park was a special destination this year, as it’s also the site of San Bruno’s new Recreation and Aquatics Center. On a Saturday as lovely as this one, all the picnic areas were bustling with barbecues and reunions. It’s easy to see the Center as a backdrop for this well-loved community destination.