SJEIC awarded LEED Platinum


Post-occupancy PVs complete the vision of this civic innovation center

You’d be hard pressed to find a more environmentally friendly converted wax paper factory. Part ReStore, part coworking space, part research & development center, and part HHW drop-off, San Jose’s Environmental Innovation Center (EIC) has since 2015 been an important – and unique – contributor to the city’s Green Vision.

And, in August, the Center confirmed its LEED Platinium certification.

The project design had always targeted a Net Zero, LEED Platinum level of performance, but it took three different construction phases over many years to reach that goal: first with innovative site and stormwater strategies, then upgrading, insulating and naturally daylighting the existing building, and finally installing rooftop and parking lot photovoltaic canopies.

So how do you weave all of these parts and pieces together to secure the Platinum designation? Well, it takes a lot of documentation – and a bit of bringing the band back together at the end for the final coordination and submission. Through some months of correspondence with our project team – including SWA, BKF, Integral Group, GRD Energy, Group 4 and, of course, the City of San Jose – were we able to amend and assemble a final package of credits  ready for USGBC evaluation, some five years after the upgraded buildings re-opened. Eventually, 85 points were confirmed (or reconfirmed), and USGBC greenlit Platinum.

Group 4 is very excited to have been part of this project, and proud of this exemplary, efficient, adaptive reuse project. We’re sure users of the EIC will continue to develop new and better means of environmental co-existence, and that LEED Platinum is just the beginning of that journey.