Millbrae selects scheme


Thousands of residents guide design to rebuild Millbrae’s community center

Over 2 1/2 years since their 16,000 square foot community center suffered a devastating fire – including rounds of public engagement soliciting feedback from over 1,900 residents – the City of Millbrae selected a design scheme for center’s resurrection and expansion. On February 26th, City Council approved a 25,000 SF recreation center scheme to take its place in Central Park, with strong connections to Taylor Middle School and Civic Center, a view of the Bay, and positioning for subsequent park projects.

Beginning in 2016, the new Center’s conceptual design was developed with broad participation from the Millbrae community-at-large, City Council, Parks & Recreation and Planning commissions, City and P&R staff, a community advisory committee, and other city leadership. Through robust outreach, a diverse cross-section of Millbrae confirmed the new recreation center’s design values, neighborhood presence, space program, and site design concepts. Parking, pedestrian access, and environmental performance were also key considerations.

The resulting, two-story scheme includes art, preschool, and education classrooms, a fitness/wellness studio, game room, meeting spaces, multipurpose event space with commercial kitchen, a senior lounge, and an elevator for facility-wide access. The approved design also accommodates changes in community needs and priorities since its predecessor’s construction in the 1970s, and anticipates years of future growth.

With a recreation center vision built on broad community support, the City is now ready to look for opportunities to fully fund the project.