Community In Focus


Construction in Focus magazine hones in on local values of Dayton Main Library

“Rather than being in the book business, they are in the community business now.”

So says Group 4 principal David Schnee in describing the context of Dayton Main Library in a recent feature on the building for Construction in Focus magazine.

The article walks readers through the various spaces and opportunities that have cast Dayton Main – a project by Group 4 in partnership with LWC, Inc., for Dayton Metro Library – as a progressive, innovative, people focused civic space. Flexibility in use is notĀ  only granted by building’s architectural attributes, but by the sense of liberty and wonder it has already been imparting on its users. (Case in point: Dayton Main has been doubling as a wedding venue.)

Opportunity spaces have worked with organizations such as the Funk Music Hall of Fame and the Veterans Administration to host and promote exhibitions celebrating local identity. Group 4’s values and commitment to environment, economy, community, and culture are articulated by the Dayton library projects, and now by Construction in Focus.

Read the full article, Designing & Building Opportunities for Community Growth, in Construction In FocusĀ